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Team Resources

We love to worship and we love serving our church community. 


Resources for Highway worship team. Refer here for how to do stuff and our expectations and processes.

Sundays & Practice

When you are scheduled to be on the team, you will recieve a reminder email on the Monday of the week. The worship leader will send you a plan by email that will include all the lyrics and music for the songs that you will be playing for the Sunday service.

We currently have two practices for the team who are on for Sunday:

1) SUNDAY PRACTICE - This is our mandatory normal practice that takes place at the church building from 9am Sunday morning. Please come ready with your instrument, having familiarised yourself with the songs and, please inform the worship leader for that week if you are running late. This practice normally lasts about an hour and a half and then we pray together with the other teams serving on that day.

1) FIRDAY NIGHT PRACTICE - This is our more ad-hoc practice that takes place at the Stratford church building from 7pm Friday evening. The worship leader for the week themselves will arrange this practice so any queries, reach out to them and please wait for confirmation from the worship leader that this practice is actually taking place as it does not always occur. If it does happen, we would encourage all team members to attend if they can and please prioritise attendence, but it is not mandatory. 

On Sundays we ALL work with the media team to set up and packdown. This is very important as it can take quite a long time to pack the stage up but it certainly is much faster when we all as a team help out. Please speak to the worship leader if you are not sure what to do, or where something goes. 


Expectations of all Highway Worship team members

Character and values

  • Be committed to Jesus, leading His people in worship, and to Highway Vineyard Church

  • Demonstrate consistency with our Christian values in your personal life

  • Be a worshipper in your personal life as well as on the stage 

  • Be in unity with the leadership and committed to the vision and values of Highway Vineyard Church

  • Be flexible, learning and taking guidance from our team leaders and our church leadership team

  • Be humble, being open to feedback from our team and our church

  • Be a peacemaker, desiring to work collaboratively with other members of ours and other teams within our church


  • Be proficient on your instrument or with your voice as a singer

  • Be open to working on your craft and improving where appropriate as a musician or singer

  • Be, and have been, regularly attending church services at Highway Vineyard Church for a few months 

  • Be a member of a connect group and grow in your relationship with Jesus

  • Be willing to serve on the team at least once a month

  • Attend Sunday morning practices at 9am on the weeks you serve

  • Inform the worship leader if you are running late for a practice 

  • Inform the worship leader if you are unable to serve on a scheduled date and attempt to arrange cover or a swap with another team member

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